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Press Release

September 19, 2023

Over 185 Organizations Oppose Legislation Fast-Tracking A New Prison in Eastern Kentucky

July 18, 2023

Rep. Rogers Proposal Would Fast Track Prison Construction in Letcher County, KY in an Attempt to Silence Opposition.

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The No New Letcher Prison Campaign is a non-partisan national effort to stop the construction of a new federal prison in Letcher County, Kentucky. 

Our Goal

Our goal is to amend the Appropriations Bill in Congress and rescind the $505 million dollars earmarked to build this unneeded facility.

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  1. Both the Trump and Biden Administrations have agreed and advocated that the construction of this prison is not necessary because the federal prison population is declining.

  2. The construction of this prison would be on top of a former coal mine putting at risk the health of correctional staff, as well as those incarcerated and their family members who visit.

  3. There is no existing infrastructure, like sewerage, water and electricity, in the location of the proposed prison.  

  4. Construction at the existing site would destroy nearby wetlands and adversely impact the Lilley Cornett Woods, the largest stretch of old growth forest in Kentucky.

  5. There is no public transportation, bus or train routes to the proposed site in the small community of Roxana. The closest airport is several hours away. This remote location would make it extremely expensive and nearly impossible for those without their own car to visit their family members incarcerated at this prison.

  6. The BOP itself acknowledges that this project will bring "minor benefits” for employment and income to the region.

Individuals and organizations that oppose the construction of this prison come from Letcher County, the broader Appalachian region, and across the country.

We need you to take action now and get involved:


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